Transporting The Elderly

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Ok, maybe you don’t live in Florida, but there is still opportunity anywhere you have a large┬átransplanted elderly population, like Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.

You’ll notice the increasing rate of cremation. This is many times done as a cost saving motive, and the nice thing about the cremation business is that many times, based on volume, the process can completely bypass the funeral home, but still includes the need for transportation. Yes, the funeral industry isn’t too keen on that fact, but the trends are already in place because of the rest of the economy.

If you have the permission of the local authorities, you can even build your own refrigeration facility and rent space per decedent and contract with the county, cremation businesses and hospitals that may have periodic overflow problems. Usually they’re charged on a daily basis, and the price can be negotiated based on other services.

For instance, if you’re performing removals and providing storage, you could provide 3 days free, then charge a daily rate after that to add incentive to┬áthe disposition.

There was one young lady who couldn’t deal with the death of her mother, and the hospital had to start threatening her to decide what to do after 7 days of storage. Fortunately, my company was able take care of transportation quickly, and also get doctor’s signatures to make filing the death certificate faster.

Once you’ve been doing this business for a few months, you develop contacts and learn how to expedite things, which of course is great for your reputation, and helps with increased and repeat business. That may sound a little too capitalistic, but you have to do well in order to be there when you’re needed.

One South Florida export has definitely not been affected by the economic downturn.

Dead bodies.

Disposition of the dead

Most of the bodies in the state are cremated, but many are shipped elsewhere.Florida

Total deaths171,279

Buried 59,529 35%

Cremated 88,057 51%

Removed from Florida 22,534 13%

Other 1,159 1%

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