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Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, This article is just another reminder that there are more opportunities in the body removal business than just time of death transportation.

The creative mortuary transport business owner will find ways to encourage families and funeral business owners to use their services for transporting green burials. Since you can ethically charge the same as the original removal or more, you can actually multiply your income on each death, which makes it not so imperative to create more volume, Diazepam canada, mexico, india.

Quality over quantity is the name of this game. Make your business the preferred transportation because of your attention to detail and the professionalism of your staff.

From a transportation perspective, green burials can be much easier than traditional burials, since you don't have the bulk and weight of a standard wood or metal casket, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription.

Think about offering your services for green burials, Diazepam brand name, and put the money you spend on equipment (like church trucks, etc.) to use in creative ways to make a more meaningful experience for the families. It's a win/win for the funeral business if you invest in these things, and you are to go-to person for these kind of jobs.

Green to the end

Ecofriendly funerals are an option but slow to catch on

Lancaster New Era
Published: Jun 23, Diazepam duration, 2009
10:34 EST


Going green has gone underground — and all the way to the grave.

Funeral director Charles "Chad" F. Snyder III says the idea of a green burial attracts the most interest from environmentally conscious baby boomers. Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, "This is obviously not for everyone," he says. Diazepam use, "It's for a very small percentage of people."
* In a green burial, which uses a biodegradable, metal-free casket and no vault, everything - including the deceased - eventually becomes one with the earth.
"Green" burials are designed to reduce waste and environmental impact, order Diazepam no prescription, by foregoing metal caskets, embalming and vaults.
The idea is picking up steam in other areas, Low dose Diazepam, particularly the West Coast, but it's slower to catch on in Lancaster County, where many families prefer more traditional farewells.
At Bachman Funeral Home Inc., Strasburg, Diazepam class, funeral director John Bachman says people are curious about green burials, but he hasn't accommodated any actual takers.
"People ask about it, but they don't ask for it," he says, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription.
Traditionally caskets and surrounding vaults are designed to withstand the elements, Diazepam overnight, leaving tons of metal and concrete behind in the ground.
And there is some concern about the potential impact of embalming chemicals.
But in a green burial, which uses a biodegradable, metal-free casket and no vault, Diazepam treatment, everything — including the deceased — eventually becomes one with the earth.
Charles "Chad" F. Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, Snyder III, general manager of Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home & Chapel Inc., Diazepam steet value, Lititz, says the idea of a green burial attracts the most interest from environmentally conscious baby boomers.
"This is obviously not for everyone," he says. "It's for a very small percentage of people."
For some families, canada, mexico, india, there's another appeal: Green burials can actually cost less than a traditional approach, which averages $7,323, Diazepam images, according to the National Funeral Directors Association.
Though many Lancaster County funeral directors will work with families who want to go green, there are roadblocks to green burials here.
The lack of embalming means an open-casket viewing — many families' custom — is not allowed, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription. And nearly all local cemeteries require vaults, to make maintenance easier, Diazepam coupon.
"If you went out and asked if people think (green burials) are a good idea, most people would probably say yes," says Mark DeBord, About Diazepam, president of Kearney A. Snyder Funeral Home Inc., 141 E. Orange St., Lancaster, Diazepam from canadian pharmacy. Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, "Whether it's something they would choose to do, I'm not sure."

Back to the Past

Green burials mark a return to some old ideas, particularly the practices of certain religious or ethnic groups.
"Green burial, in many ways, is not new. Real brand Diazepam online, It's how most of the world has cared for its dead for thousands of years," says Joe Sehee, executive director of the nonprofit Green Burial Council, which has a national network of funeral homes committed to offering green products and services.
While embalming and vaults are traditional for many local families, Diazepam use, they are not legally required. (Embalming, however, Diazepam brand name, is required for an open-casket viewing.)
Embalming, which disinfects and preserves the deceased's body, became common in the United States only around the Civil War.
Vaults, typically made of concrete, surround a casket, keeping out water and insects, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription. Their popularity grew in the late 19th century, primarily to discourage grave robbers, buy Diazepam without prescription.
Caskets promote convenience and a dignified presentation, but they are not legally required.

Why Go Green

Critics, Get Diazepam, like the 4-year-old, Santa Fe., N.M.-based Green Burial Council, say current burial practices are wasteful and damaging to the environment.
Each year, Diazepam pharmacy, the GBC says, the United States buries tons of reinforced concrete, steel and hardwood board, Taking Diazepam, all of which require energy to manufacture and transport. Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, Embalming fluid contains formaldehyde, labeled a "probable human carcinogen" by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Critics cite potential danger to funeral-industry workers. But funeral directors say they wear gowns, masks and gloves, comprar en línea Diazepam, comprar Diazepam baratos, and use sophisticated ventilation systems when working with embalming fluid.
Suggested links between formaldehyde exposure and cancer have not been proven, says Holli Senior, Discount Diazepam, spokeswoman for the state Health Department.
The durability of traditional caskets and vaults makes it unlikely that formaldehyde from an embalmed body could seep into the ground, Snyder says, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription.
Cremation — rates have doubled in the last five years — is "green" in that it conserves space.
But it consumes fossil fuels, particularly when older facilities are used. Whether any emissions could potentially harm people or the environment is widely debated, Diazepam overnight.
The industry is working to develop greener cremation processes, Snyder funeral director Andrew D. Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, Dieck says.
"As for true green cremation, Diazepam alternatives, it doesn't exist in Pennsylvania yet."

Eco-friendly Options

Unlike their traditional counterparts, green caskets use no metal and are designed to biodegrade without waste.
They may be made of renewable hardwoods, and are held together with wooden pegs and a nontoxic, biodegradable glue, Diazepam interactions.
"What's natural about it is there will be no waste at all," Dieck says. "There's nothing left behind to impact the earth negatively."
Snyder, Cheap Diazepam no rx, the only local funeral home in the GBC's network of providers, also sells a line of caskets made from willow, seagrass or bamboo.
The caskets are comparable or even less-expensive than the average metal model, which costs $2,255, according to NAFD, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription. Foregoing a vault and embalming would save an average of $1,678, Diazepam recreational.
A new, nontoxic embalming fluid could be used with biodegradable caskets, without worry that it could negatively impact the environment, Where can i cheapest Diazepam online, Snyder says.
Families who don't want to go all out can choose smaller ways to go green.
Cremation urns can be biodegradable. Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, Prayer cards and registers can be made from recycled paper.
And families can skip flowers or choose to transport the deceased's body in a more fuel-efficient minivan.

A Tough Sell

Green burials can be a particularly tough sell for families of certain religious traditions, buy Diazepam without a prescription, and those who are used to an open-casket viewing.
"This is too far outside the box for them," Snyder says. Diazepam from mexico, State law and Occupational Health and Safety Administration regulations prohibit open-casket viewing of an unembalmed body, he says. Refrigeration may be used instead, and the family can have a closed-casket visitation, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription.
Any fears of unembalmed bodies transmitting disease are unfounded, Senior says. Pathogens, Diazepam duration, particularly viruses, do not survive for long after a person dies, she says. Effects of Diazepam, Individual cemeteries decide whether or not to require vaults. Without a vault, graves may shift over time, displacing headstones and creating uneven surfaces. Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, Mellinger Mennonite Cemetery, 11 Greenfield Road, Lancaster, is one of the few local cemeteries (not including Jewish or Amish) that doesn't require vaults.
"Fifty, australia, uk, us, usa, maybe 60, percent of my burials do not use vaults," caretaker Noah Zimmerman says.
A few families have mentioned environmental concerns, but he suspects that many forego vaults to save money.
Plots without vaults require a bit more effort to maintain, Zimmerman says. But he is committed to following families' wishes, even if it means simply wrapping the deceased in a sheet for burial.
"The first heavy rain, their loved one will be more than likely wet," Zimmerman says, Buy Diazepam Without Prescription. "It's fine with me if it's fine with you."

Going Green in Mount Joy

A handful of green cemeteries have opened nationwide, and one is proposed near Pittsburgh.
The park-like cemeteries typically have engraved rocks or plaques, instead of tombstones. Graves are unadorned with artificial flowers, flags or candles.
Steve Rice, who runs the Mount Joy Cemetery, hopes to open an adjacent green section by next spring. Buy Diazepam Without Prescription, Rice says his plan has drawn a lot of interest, including from people in other states.
"Eighty percent think it's really neat," he says. " ... Other people don't like it."
Rice envisions a meadow with tail grasses, wildflowers, memorial plantings and perhaps even a stream.
He plans to offer families simple pine-box caskets, as well as cardboard models that cost just $75.
The deceased can also simply be wrapped in a shroud, blanket or nothing at all. Simple pins will mark graves.
The main cemetery, which dates to the 1700s, is approaching capacity, Rice says.
"When the rest of it's full, we're going to have to go green."

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