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billboardmessage Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, Here's another reason, as if you need one, to be ultra careful with your paperwork.  Be religious about maintaining your paperwork, and 'fess up if you lose it. It can always be redone, Mazindol overnight, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and even if you lose a customer, hopefully you'll stay out of jail, Mazindol samples. Generic Mazindol, This guy had to put his apology on a billboard, with his name at the bottom, no prescription Mazindol online, Cheap Mazindol, and he'll never work in the funeral industry again.

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Man Who Hid Bodies in Van Apologizes on Billboard

The former owner of a mortuary transport company who hid three bodies for more than five years has apologized on a highway billboard that begins: “I should treat the deceased in my care with dignity and respect.”

Donald Short, 44, Mazindol long term, Mazindol coupon, of Hurst, was arrested in 2005 when the bodies were found after his abandoned van was repossessed, fast shipping Mazindol.

“Donald Short has not apologized to me,” said Cheryle Jacobs, of Arlington, Buy Mazindol Without Prescription. Mazindol used for, Jacobs said she thought her father, Thomas Shadowens, Mazindol treatment, Purchase Mazindol online, was cremated after he died at age 89 in 2000. She believed she had his ashes in an urn on her mantle, Mazindol alternatives. Online buying Mazindol hcl, Shadowens was one of the first black real estate agents in Fort Worth.

Jacobs said she was shocked when police notified her five years later that his body had been found in the van, effects of Mazindol. Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, Short was later convicted of abusing a corpse, a misdemeanor. Buy Mazindol online cod, "When we were in court, his expression was deadpan, ordering Mazindol online, Buy no prescription Mazindol online, ” Jacobs said. “He looked straight ahead, where can i buy Mazindol online. Buy Mazindol from mexico, There was no emotion."

Short said he lost the paperwork when he transferred the bodies in 2000 and did not know what to do, so he left the bodies in a refrigerator at a funeral home, Mazindol no rx. Mazindol maximum dosage, His contract with the funeral home was canceled years later, and he then left the bodies in his van for five months, buy cheap Mazindol no rx.

The tow truck driver who repossessed the van found the bodies in the back, Buy Mazindol Without Prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa, As part of Short’s sentencing, the judge ordered him to reimburse the families the cost of the cremations that never took place and make a public apology, buying Mazindol online over the counter. Mazindol no prescription, The billboard, at Highway 121 and Beach Street, where can i order Mazindol without prescription, Mazindol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, reads: “I should treat the deceased in my care with dignity and respect. I utterly failed them, cheap Mazindol no rx, Herbal Mazindol, their families and the community. I am remorseful and I apologize."

It is signed “Donald Short.”

Jacobs said the wording is clear, kjøpe Mazindol på nett, köpa Mazindol online, Order Mazindol no prescription, but that she doubts the apology is sincere because it was court-ordered. Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, She said the message had to be approved by prosecutors and the judge.

As for what was actually in her father’s urn, Mazindol dose, tests by the medical examiner showed it was “dirt and leaves,” Jacobs said.

She now has her father’s actual ashes, she said.

"At this point, after all the time that has elapsed and the emotional rollercoaster that has gone on and on and on, it's time for closure," Jacobs said.

Short was sentenced to probation, but Tarrant County jail records show he was jailed on Dec. 20.

Hugo Martinez, the Tarrant County assistant district attorney who handled the case, was not available for comment Monday. Another prosecutor who works with Martinez could not explain why Short was jailed but said he apparently violated terms of his parole.


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  1. Ken Cone

    I find it appalling that the individual did not receive a harsher sentence. I also find it disgusting that our State Boards nit-pick those of us who try to do right and let those who participate in gross negligence get off so easy. As a former funeral home owner, in Texas, I find the State Boards need to be completely revamped in every state.

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