About This Site

Hi There! Thanks for visiting! My name is Wayne Turner. This site, Mortuary Transport Services, was once used for publicizing my mortuary transportation business in the San Francisco bay area. Due to moving my family out of state, and then a few events forcing me to fold the business, I no longer offer mortuary transport services. Recently, I was diagnosed with various issues that require ongoing medication, so I'm not able be going 24/7 on call like I was for the 4 years I was in the business. I'm a big supporter of the mortuary transport business. I understand what it's like to go several directions at once one day, and wonder if you're still in business the next. I held on to the domain name and all my training materials. I will be offering my training materials for sale from this site for a very low price, and also will develop a membership site exclusively for the mortuary transport industry side of things.   You can sign up for updates to get notified of new content as I add it. You can reach me by email at expert@mortuarytransport.com Stay tuned!

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